Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Raise your hand if you have ever played any of the NFS games, almost everyone? Right then, now keep your hand up if you can name them and the differences between. Nobody? Yes, thank you, you there. No, Ridge Racer is not one of the NFS games, sorry. Please leave now. 

Uggghh. I really, REALLY, wanted to like this game more. I promise I'll be fair here. 

I noticed the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo was available for download on XBL. With all the excitement I tried not to download my pants (ba-dum tish)........... shut up, comedy is hard. 

This was supposed to be the next wave in NFS games. This was supposed to be unlike any other and completely set the franchise on a new path of success. After all, this is the....... wait for it.......... 19th installment in the NFS line!  So, let us review what I did like about this game cohorts. 

Graphically it is what you would expect from EA games, the cars look good, the open universe is done nicely, and it is typical NFS customization level so no surprises there. Due to the gigantic open world that you are required to race around, NFS has incorporated EASYDRIVE. This interface plays a large role and is the main way you go about your customization, switching cars, and race activation. I noticed some similarities between the race activation in NFS: Underground 2 where you have to hit a location on the map to choose your race. However in this NFS, you have the option to simply jump to the location instead of dealing with moron drone cars getting in the way. The look, sound, and idea behind the game is good. 

What is the most important aspect of any game? Being able to play it right? 

THE STEERING! OH. MY. $#^&%@^*%!!!!

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but when I play a racing game, Forza, GT, Tokyo Extreme, NFS, WHATEVER, I want to at least comprehend the correct physics with the cornering. This is one of those games that inappropriately touches drifting but almost seems like it can't decide if it wants to lean more towards arcade racer or sim racer. AND YOU MUST CHOOSE!

This becomes major apparent when you must slow down to make a turn, however the AI racers can take the same line at full throttle, no issues. EXAMPLE: If you try and shadow the AI, lets say on a 90 degree bend you HAVE to keep your foot in it, otherwise they dust you. If you do stay on it, guess what? Under steer and wall time. BUT THE AI CAR DIDN'T HAVE THAT PROBLEM! 


Again, it's not a bad game. I'd even say its one of those that is worth a shot as the full game, but I typically don't fork over $60 when I'm not 100% on board. 


 Thanks for reading, take care & have fun out there,