Monday, May 27, 2013

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Just 5 more minutes, I promise I can still catch the bus..............

As Strickland would accurately label me a slacker, I promised a review. I'm going to drop some knowledge on you today. Okay buttheads? 

I'll stop now. 



Okay I'm moving on now before this whole write up is BTTF themed. What's that you say? USE the theme anyway? Pfft, that's about as likely as a screendoor on a battleship.

May 27th, 2013.  


Think I'll play a Wii game that I picked up on the cheap. 

$5, OH YEAH, I picked up "Metroid: Other M"

Many of the Metroid-heads did not like this game one bit. Before I get into that explanation, I'll start with some of the story itself. The overall place this game falls into the "official" timeline: after Super Metroid and before Metroid Fusion. So the short and sweet version is something that those who have played the Metroid franchise will be a bit familiar with. Abandoned space station. Samus, who joins/is joined by Galatic Federation, is there to check it out. 


You are going to try to read my thoughts.

You want me to make a donation, to the coast guard, youth auxilary.

You are probably thinking that Samus is a total Bad A__ and completely unstoppable, right?

I could see why you would think that. 

Sadly, no. In this game, Samus falls into the "man vs himself" style of story. Her connections with the Metroid, past relationships, it just isn't what you have come to expect from her normally, strong/silent type. 

I did enjoy this game. Its a fun game, and although I haven't completed it, I tend to enjoy the 3rd person control. The 1st person control, not so much. It seems that from various sources (YouTube comments, fellow gamers) the game doesn't hold up on it's place in the Metroid cannon. Maybe it is because I wasn't into the story needing to be perfect, after all, I'm not a die hard Metroid fan. Metacritic gave this game 79 out of 100, rather 8 out of 10.

 I really did like it and if you are looking for an affordable title for the Wii, pick it up. 

Thanks for reading, take care & have fun out there


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