Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Game Boy Micro

What do you think when the word micro comes up? Micro Brewery, Micro Machines (awesome), Microsoft? In this case I felt it necessary to talk about one of my favorite pieces in 'the collection,' the Game Boy Micro! 

"....The what!?!?! I don't remember that one Pat."

Of course you do. It was released in North America on September 19, 2005 & it features a back lit screen with the ability to adjust the brightness so as to adapt to lighting. The shape itself is kept to a more simple oblong—similar to the style of the Nintendo Entertainment System controller (i.e. d-pad, a & b buttons). The Game Boy Micro also featured a removable face plate that allowed consumers to purchase alternative designs. What's not to love? 

Of course, it has flaws. Geez ya pessimist I'm getting there. 

It was small, REALLY small. So much that I find myself holding it right in front of my face (that's what she said) at times or squinting. The screen looks great but the entire system fits into the palm of your hand thus larger than average hands = fail. Not a problem for myself. 

Honestly though, for playing GBA games, I prefer to use my Micro. The battery is phenomenal and it is light so there is minimal fatigue. Basically, if you can get a good deal on one, I recommend the Game Boy Micro for the collector. Especially if you can find one of the anniversary editions like yours truly has.

Til we meet again, God bless and take care. 


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